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Best player out there

I've been this version of songvoo! It looks great, now it's like having a billboard of your song title, you can see it across the room!

Needs work

It changes fonts automatically sometimes even though I have it set not too as well as the background. Facebook integration does not work. Please fix that, only Twitter works for me.

A couple of points

1. It's possible to add all your music at the same time -- something that wasn't apparent before I bought the app. 2. It's also possible to view the cover art, rather than one of the included designs, as a tune is playing. That also wasn't clear from anything I read or saw before downloading. I bought this because the font of title and artist of the currently playing tune is so absurdly tiny in the iPhone's native player when listening to randomized tunes. All I wanted was a way to see that info easily. This app does that. Worthwhile. One nice feature would be selectable auto-dimming of the screen. That would make it safer and easier to use when driving at night.


It was a great app. But it hasn't been updated for almost 2 yrs. Lots of little glitches were never fixed. I wouldn't pay for an outdated app that may never be upgraded.

song voo what happened

this app is supposed to share with facebook... now when i first got the app it did just that... then all of a sudden the it stopped . now it worked with the 3gs but suddenly quit....i purchased the 1phone4 and thought it might work guess what? it doesn't


Great player! Everything I've wanted. Worth every penny and more.

Good App

Works well with Alpine Stereos. ;)

SongVoo is heavenly !!!


All the hype

Awesome app. I just got it and it fixed my iTunes library. I couldn't listen to 60 songs normally and this helped. Also if you have facebook problems try manually adding song by clicking the I or drawing a ? And then go to the little square with an arrow there's you're facebook and Twitter. The facebook seems less mobile friendly so you have to scroll to login. But great app non the less.


I bought this App because it said SongVoo - Facebook. They advertise it works with Facebook AND IT DOES NOT. STOP ADVERTISING IT WORKS WITH FACEBOOK AND TAKING PEOPLES MONEY!!!!!

Great app!

Songvoo works great. I've tried other apps like this but they fell short. Songvoo can easily handle my entire audio collection (2800+ songs) without a problem. I use it all the time - at work, home, and of course when I'm driving - it is has a easy to use interface. *** Update *** The new version adds some nice features

Why didn't Apple think of this?

This app is great, and solves a huge problem for those of us who use an iPod in a car. I can now actually see the song titles without squinting, and the controls are easy - I no longer have to aim to hit thes skip button. This latest version suports Shuffle mode, so now it is perfect. I recommend this app very highly.


I love this app and use it every day. Can save lives! I don't have to make any extra effort to see what the song is while I'm driving. God knows we all need to stop having to touch and strain with our iPhones. What a great thing.

False advertising

There is no settings menu or ability to change anything. I'm sorry I bought a beta ( assuming they intend to update) Thanks apple for featuring this and giving a stamp of approval.

Wasted 1.99

I honestly purchased this app because of the previous reviews..but this app is the time it shows the artist name or song name the song is close to over just horible do not buy you will regret

Cool app, but needs improvement.

That's what I've been missing so much. Please, add: - shuffle button - rating to easily rate a song right on the screen - customizable background - album name on screen in addition to track name and artist (might be an option) Thank you.

Pretty Good

I like this but, needs the ability to get back into my music folder a lot easier. Buttons for artist, genre and playlist would be great. I find my self initially starting off with the iPod application then opening Songvoo.

Finally, intuitive controls that really work!

SongVoo is awesome! The intuitive, simple controls make for a much easier "no squint" iPod/iPhone music experience. Sweet!

Super sweet!

For me this is the perfect companion to iTunes. As a DJ I have thousands of tracks I am constantly listening to and getting to know, so having the track info immediately available is awesome and you don't have to go searching for the scroll bar to see how much time has passed. Sweet app!!


Man this app is great. I can't tell you how many times I have not been able to fast forward to that exact spot with the iTunes timeline bar. This application is easy to use and looks great. Well done!!!!!!

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